GG Dejlige Katte Maleri Jul Cross Stitch Kits Broderi Dyr Glæde søndag 11CT14CT Trykt Cross Stitch til Hjemmet Indretning

  • Stof Størrelse 14 CT: 46*46cm
  • Mærke: Glæden Søndag
  • Ramme: No
  • Type: Pakke
  • Materiale: 100% Bomuld
  • Stil: Pastoral
  • Ydre Emballage: PVC
  • Stof Størrelse 11CT: 59*58CM
  • Bruger: Malerier
  • Mønster Type: Dyr
  • Lærred Emballeringsmetode: Foldede

SKU: p336
I had to buy a second "Lovely Cats" kit just to be able to finish the first one (I bought through an intermediary in AU). The manufacturer promises to supply 30% more of the threads than required. In actual fact, only about half of the required quantities are included. They offered to provide the missing threads, and I purchased two more kits with other patterns so that they could put the threads in the same package. Yet the package came without the promised threads. In other words, you pay for two to get one. Speaking of the other two kits I bought, NK Eggplant has the same issue: I've run out of the threads half way. Beware of this manufacturer: their kits seem to only include about 50% of the required threads. I give five stars for the beautiful pattern, but you'll have to pay twice if you wish to be able to finish the pattern. They also promised to rectify the undersupply, but failed to do so.

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