6pc/V12 Prins Spoler Hoved For V12 Prins Atomozer ANTAL Dobbelte Mesh T10 Q4 M4 Vapr Tændspole, Elektronisk Cigaret Kerne

V12 Prins Mesh Stærk Strøm & Enorm damp produktion på 0,15 ohm 40W-80W/BEDSTE: 60W-70W V12 Prins Max Mesh Stærk Strøm & Enorm damp produktion V12 Prins Dobbelte Mesh Stærk Strøm & Enorm damp produktion V12 Prince-T10 Bringer dig massive damp og rig smag 0.12 ohm Decuple Spoler 60W-120W/Bedste 80W-110W V12 Prince-X6 Bringer dig silkeblød smag og massive damp 0.15 Sextuple Spoler 50W-120W/ Bedste 80W-100W V12 Prince-M4, der Gælder for mekaniske mod Bringer dig silkeblød og fyldig cloud smag 0.17 ohm Firedobbelt Spoler V12 Prince-Q4 giver dig dyb og rig damp På 0,4 ohm Spoler Firedobbelt 40W-100W / Bedste 60-80W

  • Model-Nummer: V12 Prins Spole
  • Oprindelse: KN(Oprindelse)
  • Mærke: vaping mods

SKU: p231
Shin Kirill
Perfect and fast
H Froggy
This is an analog, not an original, although the filament differs, here it is single, material from which is made unknown, if the original I changed once every 6 days, then this atomizer changes every 3 days, in fact it does. After 2 weeks of use, I can say that I would not buy this product, but bought the original, T. K. For the price in the end, it turns out the same, but here is what kind of material is used for the thread question, most importantly, so as not to be dangerous to health.

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